shaving cream
September 10, 2020

Why Do You Need Shaving Cream, Foam, Gel?

By Rishi

Men do not require tons of makeup or skincare to be presentable, unlike women. Wearing a stylish outfit, having a decent shave, and an illustrative personality can make them appear no less than a man of dreams. When it comes to men’s grooming, shaving is one of the most crucial things. While most of the men might have been a pro in this field, some men are there who require a piece of proper information about all the shaving products.

Shaving creams, shaving gels, and shaving foam are the three most common and popular products in the men grooming market nowadays. Most of you guys might be using these products interchangeably without having to care about it, right? But, do you know, there exist certain differences between these three shaving products. If you want to know more about them, stay tuned till the end. Let us discuss these three items briefly for better understanding:

shaving cream

  1. Shaving cream:

A shaving cream is a men’s grooming product used to create a protective layer between the tissue and the blades. Shaving creams come in different kinds of preparation. Some contain aerosols, while others are emulsifiers. Also, you can get variations in the lathering too. There is the availability of rich lather and non-lathering shaving cream.

  1. Shaving foam:

A shaving foam, otherwise known as canned shaving cream, is another grooming product for men. Shaving foams usually have a similar composition to the shaving creams, except that they contain more aerosols and form more lather. It helps in easing the process of shaving. Your skin feels fresh and supple after shaving.

  1. Shaving gel:

Shaving gels helps in soothing the process of shaving. A shaving gel is transparent with lightweight allowing you to perform an easy shave. Also, it helps in minimizing razor related injuries. So, you won’t notice any razor bumps or irritation once the shaving is done. People prefer shaving gels over creams and foams these days.

  1. Which one to use and when?
  • Sensitive skin- always prefer gels:

Men who have extra sensitive skin must opt for shaving gels. People with sensitive skin often develop irritation after shaving. To reduce the itchiness and redness after shaving, we recommend you to switch to shaving gels. It leaves your skin soft, supple, and fresh after each shaving session.

  • Dry skin issues- opt for shaving foam:

Shaving lather is ideal for dry skin people. If you want to increase the efficiency of the shaving foam, mix it with warm water to form a rich lather. After this, you can apply it all over the beards and get ready to start shaving.

  • Shaving creams-

Shaving creams are the most conventional products. People have been using it for years and years. It holds its share of benefits. However, the choice between these three shaving products always remains a personal choice.


We hope that you have a clear idea of these three products now. We hope that it helps you in purchasing an ideal shaving product for you. Thanks for reading!