Kitchen Chimney
July 27, 2020

Why Chimney is Necessary for Every Kitchen

By Rishi

If you think of improving your kitchen to the latest technology, then one of the essential things to add to your kitchen is the chimney. When the food is cooked, the air is polluted and circulates in the room. You need to use an exhaust fan or a kitchen chimney to let the air out of the room.

The exhaust fan cannot suck the oil or greasy particles. It just sends the smoke or humid air out of the room. But the chimney absorbs or sucks the polluted air and absorbs the greasy or oil particles through a filter.

Kitchen Chimney

Types of chimneys

There are two types of chimneys. They are duct chimneys and ductless chimneys. The duct chimney sucks the humid or hot air from the kitchen and releases outside from the duct. The ductless chimney does not let the air out, but it recirculates the air after the filtration process. The duct is absent in this type of chimney.

In this modern world, many of the houses have a modular kitchen, and using an exhaust fan does not absorb oil or greasy particles. When the oil and greasy particles stick on the walls, cabins, ceilings, and corners of the room, it becomes a tough job to clean everything. The beauty of the kitchen gets spoiled.

Advantages of using a chimney

The following are the advantages of using a chimney in every kitchen:

  • Cook without fumes: You can cook your food without the fumes. Exposure to such hot air or fumed air has a risk to health. Installing a kitchen chimney absorbs the polluted air from your kitchen.
  • Keeps clean: Keep your kitchen clean as the chimney sucks the polluted air and greasy particles through a filter. It keeps the kitchen clean and hygienic.
  • Cleans the air: There are various conventional choices for venting the cooking flames from the kitchen, such as a big window or an exhaust fan. But chimneys are the best option to clean the polluted air. It helps to keep the room odor-free and fresh.
  • Easy to clean: Exhaust fans are hard to clean as they are located at an out of human reach. The oil and greasy particles get stricken on the blades, and they need to be cleaned and maintained. In the chimney, nowadays, various models are easier to clean the filters.
  • Price: Even though the exhaust fans are economical to buy, the chimney has its advantages. Buying a kitchen chimney is costlier than an exhaust fan, but you can get them at affordable prices.

Many of the branded chimneys come with noise-suppression and LED light strips to illuminate the cooktops. The auto-clean features, minimal maintenance, and built-in oil filters are the added advantages of a chimney. Depending on your budget and other requirements such as type of material and operation controls, you can purchase the best chimney for your kitchen.

Have a chimney in your kitchen and have cleaner indoor air, and a stylish outlook to relish the pleasure of cooking.