October 30, 2020

What is the best width for a Treadmill?

By Rishi

To reach your fitness goals, there is no doubt that a treadmill is a big help. With its simple but effective design, you can burn more calories than you think. That is why many people invest in a good treadmill machine. But when shopping for the best treadmill out there, you need to consider many different things about the machine. And one such thing is the treadmill’s width.

Yes, the width of the treadmill is important if you are planning to exercise regularly. There is no need to guess what might be the right width for you. Just keep reading to find out the answer.


Why is the right width necessary?

For a comfortable workout, you need to select the right width size. Generally, the running belt’s size is dependant on your stride length and gait. The stride length depends on how tall you are because this affects your running or walking stride. On the other hand, the gait is nothing but the natural side-to-side movement you have when you run or walk. So, if you buy a treadmill in India that is not according to your body measurements, you will have trouble using it.

Sizes available in the market

Depending on the type of exercise you do – running, jogging, or walking – the size will differ. The available widths in the market are 16″ -22″ with a length of 45″ -62″. The cost of the treadmill gets higher with the width of the belts. So, you might get tempted to for the 16″ width belts. But don’t make that mistake because they are too narrow to do a comfortable workout.

If you are looking into treadmills just for walking, then an 18″ to 20″ width is a great option. But if jogging and running is the main deal, go for a 20″ width.

Few manufacturers offer their models in 22 inches. If you like, you can try out the models before buying them.

Don’t forget the length of the machine while you consider the width of the treadmill. For walking, 50″ to 54″ is a good choice depending on your height. And for joggers, a length of 54″ will be comfortable. But for tall people, a length of 58″ is ideal to use.

A word of caution

You might think of investing in a wider treadmill to save yourself from all this trouble. But the truth is, it will not help you that much. So, find the right fit according to your measurements and how you intend to use it. Don’t just buy the top-rated models in the market.

Also, make sure that the model you choose offers the mentioned sizes. In certain models, some portion of the belt has a plastic covering for protection, and you cannot run on that.

The bottom line

As you can see, the best width depends on your needs and preferences. If you are in doubt, go and try the treadmill model to see if it’s perfect for you.