August 4, 2020

Top 5 Oats Brands In India

By Rishi

Oats are the best meal to consume as a breakfast! You can also include it in your lunch and dinner time. Many fitness experts suggest to include oats in your daily diet regime. It is because people are more sedentary nowadays, despite of various modes of achieving fitness. The rising cases of obesity in our country are known to every person. Eating healthy remains the only way of staying fit for people who do not work physically. Getting up early or following a strict routine for the gym takes a lot of dedication and courage.

Therefore, people prefer to cut down the calories instead of burning them. Oats and various oatmeals are gaining a rise in popularity these days. There are various reasons behind this; oats not only help to cut down your body fat; but, it is also good for skin, nails, hair, and other tissues. Let us look at some top brands of oats available in India:


1. Quacker oats

Quacker oats compose high fiber and protein, which is the best attribute. It is the most ancient oats consumed in our country. What people love the most about it is its authenticity. It contains 100 percent whole grain oats that are ideal for a healthy breakfast. You can add slices of your favorite food in it to make it tastier. Regular consumption of these oats will show you weight loss results.

2. Kellog’s oats

The advertisement of the Kellogg’s oats discovered by W.K Kellog and J.H Kellog was in favor of decreasing the level of bad cholesterol in the body. People started consuming this product, and the results were astounding. It is a cholesterol-free oats made from wheat and almond to ensure a safe diet plan. It is also famous for providing instant energy and has no added preservatives.

3. Saffola oats

You might have seen your favorite celebrities advertising this amazing oats brand. It has a renowned name in the world of healthy breakfast items. Along with essential nutrients, Saffola oats also contain fibers for easy digestion. It also includes micronutrients like iron to provide relief to anemic people. You can readily prepare it within minutes!

4. True elements oats

While some old people might it difficult to engulf the oats particles, the true elements oats provide a softer texture for comfortable chewing. There is no need to store oats in a different container to prevent it from absorbing moisture. It comes in a seal pack packet, which keeps it dry and crispy.

5. Patanjali oats

The Patanjali has recently manufactured oatmeals too. Most of the people prefer to consume these oats due to its natural ingredients. It contains an adequate amount of fiber and protein. The cost is also cheaper in contrast to other oats brands.

Consuming healthy never goes wrong! Include oatmeals in your daily diet and make you and your family healthy as ever. There are extremely few options left when we search for a food that is both nutritive and tasty. Oats are one of them! Pick your favorite brand and bring it home! Happy Shopping!