Washing Machines
August 2, 2020

Top 5 Best Washing Machine Brands In India 2020 

By Rishi

Washing Machines have, in a great way, have reduced the workload of a home. These simple machines with not so complicated technology have been taking care of laundry needs. The concept of washing machines was first invented in 1851. Over the years, the washing machines evolved and developed into smart technology machines that are much easier to use. The demand for washing machines has been increasing over the past years; various companies in these years have met this demand.

Here is a list of five best washing machine brands in India that you can purchase.

Washing Machines

Best five washing machine brands in India 2020

1. Samsung

The first washing machine brand that we would discuss today is Samsung. Samsung is a South Korean company that has made a name in the Indian Market. When talking about Samsung, we have to mention that this brand of washing machines is available in various styles that suit different customers. The semi-automatic washing machines from Samsung are said to perform better.

The different types of technology that you can find in the Samsung model of washing machines are the Eco bubble, which uses detergent more effectively. Other technologies are diamond drums with soft edges and wobble technology in top-load machines for a tangle-free wash of clothes.

2. Bosch

 Bosch brand is known to sell the best front loading washing machines in India. Washing machines from Bosch use German technology in its built. These machines come with the latest technology that makes washing of clothes much more effective. Some of the technologies used in Bosch washing machines are Vairodrum, Activewater plus, and Ecosilent drive.

Variorum includes a wave-droplet design that is gentle on clothes, Activewater plus uses water more effectively, and Ecosilent drive technology allows for lower consumption of energy.

3. LG

LG is the biggest manufacturer of washing machines in India. LG is also known to provide a huge, trusted network all over the country. LG Company, as such, is known to make innovative washing machines under 20000 prices in different styles and sizes. The cost of LG washing machines differs that suits the budget needs of various customers. LG washing machine manufacturer was the first in the market to adopt the latest technology in their construction.

Some of the important technologies that LG includes are Direct Drive, Turbo drum, and Inverter. These technologies make the machine more durable and energy-efficient.

4. IFB

IFB washing machines like Bosch are built with German technology. It is one of the leading brands in fully automatic washing machines in India. IFB is also one of the oldest brands in India, with over 250 retail outlets.

Technologies used in IFB washing machines are air bubble wash, aqua energie, ball valve technology, and crescent moon drum. These technologies reduce waste and make washing much more effective.

5. Whirlpool

The most common washing machine brand that you can find in India is Whirlpool. Whirlpool washing machines are available in various types. Their front-loading machines are very popular, and the company includes a services network that caters to the needs of their customers. Technologies that you can find in whirlpool are sixth sense soft move, steam care, and IntelliSense Inverter.

In Conclusion

With this, we concluded the article; all these brands manufacture different models which are easily available in the Indian market.