microwave oven
July 27, 2020

Microwave Ovens vs. Air Fryers: Which Is Better?

By Rishi

Nowadays, home appliances are widely used in preparing food. The most challenging question is about which is the best. The most commonly used machines, microwave oven, and air fryers are the most competing ones. First, let us discuss the working mechanism of the microwave oven and air fryer.

  • Microwave oven

It cooks the food bypassing a kind of microwave radiation over the food. About 95 people out of 100 use solo microwave ovens regularly. Also, this method is inefficient for processing sugars. The vitamin B12 is completely converted into an inactive in this cooking method.

  • Air fryer

It distributes hot air on all sides to cook the meal. It produces a crispy layer of food. People often say this as a compact form of the microwave oven.

To understand the finer device, the following need to be discussed.

  • Basic technology

Radiation is the method employed in microwave ovens to prepare food while rapid air technology is used in air fryers. Air fryers circulate hot air inside to cook the food, whereas ovens use increased temperatures to prepare the food.

  • Cost

The average cost of an air fryer is between Rs. 7000, and 10000. A microwave oven varies from Rs. 5000 to 11000. The most advanced device might cost more.

  • Oil consumption

The most important ingredient in food preparation is oil. The air fryer uses almost no oil in cooking the food. But, the microwave oven cannot prepare food without oil.

  • Cleaning process

Air fryers are usually easy to clean as they have a removable basket and less usage of oil. Microwave oven makes cleaning a bit difficult when it comes to the case of oily food and grilled ones.

  • Types of food

When it comes to grilling, defrosting, and baking, the microwave oven is preferred. For frying food, an air fryer can be used.

  • Time consumption

The time consumed by the air fryer is much less as the air chambers present in them circulate the air much faster and prepares the food quickly. The cooking times can be manually entered in the microwave oven, making it customized. Compared to microwave ovens, the air fryers cook food 20 percent faster.

  • Size occupied

The microwave oven occupies more space than air fryers as it is bigger in size. Size becomes a concern only when we need to shift the device from one place to another. Yet, the cooking capacity of the microwave oven is larger than the air fryer due to this reason.

  • Safety and security

The design of a microwave oven with stainless steel makes it safer than air fryer. It is better not to keep flammable objects near the air fryer.

  • Warranty

The microwave oven has a warranty period of about 2 to 5 years. An air fryer has a warranty of 1 to 3 years.

  • Power consumption

The power consumed by a microwave oven is between 2000 to 5000 watts. An air fryer consumes about 1200 to 2000 watts.


The preceding points depict that an air fryer is always better than a microwave oven in many concerns. But, above all our needs decide which is better for us.