Ceiling Fan
November 28, 2020

Lighting options for ceiling fans

By Rishi

When looking for a ceiling fan for home or office, the main factors which are considered include the size, style, power, airflow and blade sweep. But there are many models of ceiling fans which also integrate lighting fixtures. Thus, the kind of lighting also becomes an additional factor when purchasing this kind of ceiling fan. A ceiling fan with light not only provides air circulation but also illuminates the room.

The kind of design and lighting used in ceiling fan with light has been discussed here.

Lighting Design 

In a ceiling fan with downlight, the lighting fixture is present below the motor of the fan. This kind of lighting design provides direct light to the room. Downlight ceiling fans are well suited for rooms requiring direct light such as kitchens and laundry rooms. Downlight fixture can either come integrated with the ceiling fan or needs to be bought separately for integration to an existing ceiling fan.

In a ceiling fan with light, the lighting fixture is mounted on top of the fan’s motor in an angled position. This type of lighting illuminates the ceiling and provides indirect light to the room by reflecting light off the ceiling. A soft glow is imparted to the room by an uplight ceiling fan. This kind of ceiling fan lighting is suitable for rooms where cosy lighting is preferred in addition to other lighting fixtures. The best example is the bedroom.

Multi-light ceiling fans, as the name suggests, feature many lighting fixtures. The multiple lights usually face downward. This kind of lighting design illuminates a wide area such as a large room. Such ceiling fans are also used in dining rooms to illuminate large sized dining tables.


Types of Light Bulbs 

Various kinds of light bulbs are used for ceiling fans with lights. They are as follows.

  • The LED bulb is a very popular option for ceiling fan lighting. This is because LED bulbs are very energy efficient and last far longer than any other kind of bulb. Long-lasting nature is particularly beneficial for ceiling fans installed in rooms with high ceiling where changing the bulb is a tedious job. Dimmable LED bulbs are also available in the market.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs are also used for ceiling fan lighting. These are commonly known as CFL bulbs. CFL bulbs last longer than halogen bulbs but are not as long-lasting as LED bulbs. CFL integrated ceiling fans should be installed in rooms having additional light sources because CFL should not be the only source of lighting in the room.
  • Halogen light ceiling fan imparts brightness and warmth to the room. This is the reason why ceiling fans with halogen lighting can be installed in living and dining rooms. Halogen light bulbs are dimmable and can be used in ceiling fans with controls to dim light.

Incandescent bulbs are conventional light bulbs which can also be used in ceiling fans with light. However, ceiling fan manufacturers are gradually phasing out ceiling fans designed for incandescent lighting. Incandescent light bulbs use much more electricity as compared to LED, Halogen and CFL lights.