Seagrass Rug
August 4, 2020

Know More about Seagrass Rug and its Characteristics – Floorspace

By Rishi

The seagrass is a natural fibre that is used to make rugs. The seagrass grows around water and even underwater. So, it is very comfortable around moist areas. The seagrass rugs are easily maintained and durable. They give an edgy look to the room décor. The grassy look of the rug gives a natural look in the room. The seagrass rug comes in different weaving patterns that give the buyer more options. The best part about the seagrass rug is that it is biodegradable and recyclable.

There are the following characteristics of seagrass rug:

Seagrass Rug

Waterproof Rug

The seagrass rug is impermeable that is waterproof. It shows the least watermarks and stains. There is a waxy coating on the rug that gives it a natural and shiny look. As the seagrass fibre grows underwater, it can easily resist water. Also, the dust does not settle on the waxy coating which makes it look cleaner.

The appearance of the seagrass rug

The seagrass rug is usually light sage green or khaki coloured. The colour is such that goes with every kind of décor. The texture is so which makes the rug appear cleaner. The rug can be backed with latex, which is there to make it more durable and stable. On the edges, materials like leather, linen or canvas are added to make its look edgier.

Suitability of the rug

The rug is suitable for any area whether it is a living room or dining room. The seagrass rug is even suitable for a hallway where the traffic is usually high. The rug hardly gets crushed so it can be used in the hallway.

Maintenance of the rug

The seagrass rug can be easily cleaned by vacuuming it daily. The vacuum can be done by using a strong brush section. One should avoid vacuuming the rug on the edges as it will loosen the ends of the rug. One should not steam or shampoo the seagrass rug. The rug can be cleaned with a cloth and one should avoid rubbing it into the weave. Also, one can lift the solid spills from the rug with a dull knife. The stubborn stains on the rug should be cleaned with mild soap and a damp cloth. Also, use a hairdryer to dry the rug or a fan. As one cannot vacuum the binding or edges of the rug, then he can use the damp cloth to clean the latex or leather. It depends on the producer’s instruction on how to clean the rug.

Humid areas

The seagrass rug is not suitable for areas with high humidity as it can cause fungus. It can affect the health of the people around them. One can overcome this problem by following solutions like mixing the suggested solution with mist sprayer and then, mist the area and then clean with the brush. Also, one should avoid mist on binding and edges.

A seagrass rug is a good option if used carefully. It has low maintenance is highly durable. It goes with every décor and is cost-effective.