Engine Oil
August 5, 2020

How to Pick the Right Bike Engine Oil?

By Rishi

Changing the engine oil of your bike at the right intervals can lubricate the engine and preserve the fuel efficiency of your bike. It is an important task, and usually, your bike manufacturer may suggest you do it at its service center. But if you want to change your engine oil on your own, then it can be a challenging task for you. In that situation, you need to choose the right engine oil to keep up your bike performance.

If you don’t know the right engine oil for your bike, then here is how to pick the right bike engine oil.

Engine Oil

  • Check The Manual

One of the easiest ways to know which engine oil is right for your bike is to check your bike’s manual. In the manual, you can see which engine oil is right for your bike. If you want to choose the right engine oil effortlessly, then you can follow this point.

  • Types Of Engine Oils

While choosing engine oil for your bike, you may come across different types of engine oils in the market. So, by considering your bike model and driving situations, you can pick the preferred engine oil for your bike.

Mineral Oil

It is affordable oil and produced locally. In small service centers, this type of oil is mostly used. Mineral oil is not ideal for long time uses and doesn’t provide higher performance. If you drive your bike on mountains and terrains, then this oil is not ideal for you.

Premium Mineral Oil

Premium mineral oil is the filtered form of the mineral oil. This oil comes in standard packs and is ideal for those who ride their bike in the economy range. Premium mineral oil provides higher performance than the mineral oil.

Synthetic Oil

This oil is scientifically designed and offers unique mechanical properties and ideal for both high and low temperatures. Synthetic oil is the best option for lubrication, mileage, and rust prevention. It is suitable for bike engines above 250cc.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

This oil is developed using premium mineral oil and additives. Semi-synthetic oil can provide better performance than premium mineral oil because of the additives. This oil can be used for racing bikes above 200cc. But semi-synthetic oil is not ideal for driving in different temperature conditions.

  • Additives

Additives are chemical compounds added to engine oils for enhanced performance. They are available in different types for different performances. Some examples of additives are detergent, anti-oxidant, inhibitor, friction modifiers, anti-wear agent, etc. However, one type of engine oil may not have all these additives in it. Therefore, you can pick the engine oil that has the additives you need.

  • Grade

Engine oils come in different grades according to their viscosity. The grades of engine oil are symbolized by W. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to choose the right grade of oil for your bike.


While choosing the right oil for your bike, you have to check many factors. You can follow the suggestion of the bike manufacturer to get the perfect oil for your vehicle.