Baby Mosquito Net
August 11, 2020

How do You Open and Close a Baby Mosquito Net

By Rishi

Who wouldn’t love to splurge on their newborn? After all, this little bundle of joy deserves only the best. From beautiful clothes to colourful toys, you want the best out there for your baby. But there is one essential thing you must buy for your baby, which has a direct impact on their health. Yes, a baby mosquito net. It is similar to the one that is generally used, but this is a baby version.

As you know, mosquitoes cause serious diseases like dengue and malaria. To prevent your baby from these pesky insects, baby mosquito nets are a great help. But when using them, surely you must have thought about how to use and take care of the nets. Below are some steps on how to properly open and close a baby mosquito net.

Baby Mosquito Net

Steps to open and close a baby mosquito net

Open all the zips The process of opening the baby mosquito net is quite simple. Check whether the zips presents are fully opened. Only then you will be able to use it.

  1. Close all the zips

If you want to close a baby mosquito net, the first thing you should do is to close all the zips present in it. This is a preliminary step to close the net.

  1. Pinch and lift

With your left hand, try to pinch the top middle of the net to lift it up. As the net gets pulled from the top, the sides will go inwards. Make sure to grab the corner of the net with your right hand.

  1. Fold on top of one another.

With the 2 remaining sections, fold them directly on top of one another. Use your left hand to hold the left section and right hand to hold the right section. Bring them together to line up the edges. Check whether all the sides are neatly stacked.

  1. Hold at zipper line.

At the zipper line, hold the net using both your hands. Put the left and right sections directly on each side of the zipper line. If this is not done properly, the net may not fold.

  1. Squeeze

Try to squeeze both sections of the net towards each other. Push inwards using your hands to bring the edges to close together. Push the net downwards away from you.

  1. Line up the edges

Using your left hand, try to hold the leftmost section’s outer edge. Make the edges to line up as straight as possible.

  1. Hold the pinched section’s top edge.

Using your right hand, keep pinching the net. On the top of the other 2 sections, pull the pinched section over.

  1. Place it in a case

Once you have folded the baby mosquito net, place it inside a case. This can protect the net when not in use.


Using a baby mosquito net for your little one is important. But proper handling of that net is also equally important. Hope the above steps help you out!