Ceiling Fan
August 24, 2020

Does Ceiling Fan Use a Lot of Electricity?

By Rishi

For anybody, maintaining a comfortable temperature in their home is a desirable thing. That’s why many invest in high tech appliances either to cool or warm the room. But they can have a drastic effect on the electricity bill. We know that any appliance that keeps running means it needs a continuous supply of electricity.But what about ceiling fans? They can keep your place cool in the summer and even warm during the winter.

For many, ceiling fans are not new. But when people consider it, the first question people ask is about its electricity consumption. Below is the answer to that common question along with few tips to save electricity when you use a ceiling fan in india.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans and electricity

When you compare the electricity usage of an air conditioner to that of a ceiling fan, the later consumes very little electricity. On average, a ceiling fan uses 15 to 90 watts of energy and tower fans can use around 100 watts. As you can see, this value is only a fraction of what an air conditioner uses to run.

Though ceiling fans are simple appliances for cooling, they can be only efficient if you use them correctly. Below are some tips to save electricity when you use a ceiling fan.

Tips to save electricity when you use a ceiling fan

  1. Check fan rotation’s direction

It is a significant factor you need to consider if you want to save electricity. The efficiency of the fan can reduce if it rotates in the wrong direction. In the summertime, set the rotation of the ceiling fan in a way that the air flows downwards. For most models, the direction of rotation is counterclockwise. But in winter, set it in a way that the air is sucked up from under the fan towards the ceiling. The direction of rotation is clockwise for most models of the ceiling fan.

  1. Switch off when not in use

Yes, ceiling fans do not use huge amounts of electricity to operate. But why need to waste them when you can save them? Remember to turn off the fan as you leave the room. This reduces the electricity used and in turn, it reduces your expenses. This might sound cliché, but it is also one of the simple methods to reduce the use of electricity.

  1. Try using without light fixtures

Ceiling fans with light fixtures are quite attractive. The only downside is that they are not as energy-efficient as the models which do not have them. But if you prefer the lighting fixtures, then go for the LED light bulbs. They conserve energy when compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs.

The bottom line

The ceiling fan’s design and the way it works is simple. So, there is no need for a lot of electricity. That is why ceiling fans are cost-effective and efficient options to cool yourself. It is surely a better option than an air conditioner if your priority is to save electricity.

Coming to the initial question – does a ceiling fan use a lot of electricity? Definitely not. They are the best ways you can use to save electricity and the environment.