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September 3, 2020

Can a Printer be Used as a Scanner?

By Rishi

Offices and people working from home do require a number of tools. These tools or equipment are computer or laptop, a printer and a scanner. The printer is a must in the office they help in the filing; take a print out of important documents.

There are a number of printers that are widely used all over the world. Usually, a higher model printer includes a scanning option. But can we scan documents using a printer? If yes, then how can I use a printer to scan documents? To find the answer to this question read through this article.

Laser Printers

How to scan a document using a printer?

As mentioned earlier, any office of work requires the printer to complete their work. Some of these modern printers come with scanning option. But the question is how to do it? Here, we will be sharing the steps to follow for scanning of documents using a printer.

The steps for scanning using a printer are as follows:

The first step to scanning is making sure the devices are connected. Check to see if the computer is properly connected to the printer. 

2.  Next step is in case the printer works on wifi connection make sure both the devices are connected to it. The wifi connection of both printer and computer must be the same. The devices on which the wifi is connected must also be within its range.

3.  Turn on the devices that are printer and computer. Then lift the scanner part of the printer, place the document faces down. The document you want to scan must be kept face down on the scanner with the lid closed.

4. Then look for scan and fax option from your computer or on the desktop. Suppose you are not sure where to find this icon and then search for it in the search bar.

5.      Once you find the option, click on it. On clicking on new scan option from scan and fax icon a new screen will pop-up.

6.      A menu with printers connected to the device will be shown. Select the correct printer that you are using to scan the document. In case you want to change to the correct printer, click on change option before selecting the printer.

7.      Then choose the right setting to scan and click submit.

8.     Check the preview of the scanned document to see if you want to make any changes. After the document is successfully scanned, it will be saved on your computer.

To find the scanned document, click on the start button, file explorer, documents and scanned documents. Or you can find the scanned document by typing the name of the document in the search bar.

Bottom Line:

The above steps mentioned for scanning documents from a printer works for windows. The document you want to scan can be done in portrait or landscape format. The steps involved in the scanning of documents from the printer are very simple and straightforward.