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July 31, 2020

Alkaline Water Purifier vs RO Water Purifier: Comparison

By Rishi

It seems that there is so much confusion around the differences between an alkaline water purifier and RO water purifier. The confusion may be because people associate the alkaline water purifiers to that of ionizer machines. Alkaline water purifiers are quite different from RO water purifiers. Below are 5 aspects where both of them differ from each other.

Electricity usage

It is a well-known fact that for a RO water purifier to work, it needs electricity. This is to create power for the hydraulic pressure, which treats the water and helps to get rid of micron-size particles. On the other hand, alkaline water purifiers are easy to set up and economical in pricing too.

Water Purifier

Removal of minerals

Just because the RO can remove even the tiny particles of micron size, it does not mean the water is healthy. Yes, the process of RO brings down the total dissolved solids count to zero but can also mean that the mineral content in the water gets removed. Consuming water with no mineral content for a long time is not recommended because it can cause deficiencies and dilution. To address this problem, you need to remineralize the water, which is an extra step.

Alkaline water purifiers enhance the mineral content present in the drinking water. They can add electrolytes to increase your hydration capacity. This can act as a top-up if your food is lacking in essential minerals. The body can easily absorb minerals from water rather than from food. So, if you want to balance minerals and electrolytes, then alkaline water purifiers can do the work.

Involvement of water waste

A large amount of water waste gets generated by RO water purifiers. The wastewater contains all the dirt particles removed from the drinking water. For different models, the retention rates can vary. For example, if the retention rate is 20%, you can filter 20L of water, but 80L will be wastewater. Models are claiming to have zero waste, but they tend to be expensive.

On the other hand, the alkaline water purifier uses a countertop filter to add minerals. But in this process, no wastewater gets produced.


Since the equipment for reverse osmosis involves many small devices, it is a large unit. But the alkaline water filter is so small that you can put it in your refrigerator. The size of the alkaline water purifier is comparable to a small jug.

Acidity of water

The alkaline water purifier can enhance the pH level of the drinking water. On the contrary, the RO system makes the water acidic. This is because RO removes everything from the water. To improve the pH level of RO water, it has to pass through an ionizer machine.

The whole process gets combined in a more affordable and accessible way for an alkaline water purifier.


To have access to clean and safe drinking water has become a challenge these days. But with the right water purifier that suits your needs and preferences, you can throw such concerns behind you.