Laptop Bags
August 4, 2020

5 Types of Laptop Bags and Their Advantages

By Rishi

Are you planning to buy a new laptop bag? If yes, you must be wondering what varieties you will get in the shop. Most of the people use laptop to carry it to the office/workplace. Therefore, we recommend getting you a wondrous laptop bag.

Laptop bags can be of different kinds, and all of them have some specific features. Let us look at them in details:

Laptop Bags

  1. Backpack

Backpacks are the most widely used laptop bags. A backpack is a kind of bag that you carry on your rear torso with the help of two straps wrapping around your shoulder. A backpack comes in various sizes according to the size of your laptop. However, there is a standard size of laptop backpacks that fits almost every laptop. Other than this, backpacks usually have two compartments for storing laptop accessories and laptop itself.


  • It eliminates problems like back pain.
  • The pads in straps and interior protect your body and laptop.
  • People of every age can use backpacks.
  • Multiple things can be stored inside it.
  1. Sleeve bag

A sleeve bag is exclusive for mini laptops! You can also use it for regular-sized laptops. The purpose of the sleeve bag is for storing laptops only. You cannot even store any extra accessories in it. It usually has a single chain and compartment.


  • One can readily carry sleeve bags in hand.
  • Sleeve bags come in a variety of sizes.
  • You will have various color options and designs in it.
  • The price is also cheaper in contrast to other bags.
  1. Messenger bag

There is a reason why this bag is known as a messenger bag. In older times the postman and messengers used to carry these bags to deliver the postcards and mail. Messenger bags look quite elegant and stylish. Most of the office workers and businessmen prefer messenger bags over any other laptop bags.


  • Convenient to store laptop and carry.
  • Enhances your fashion statement.
  • Crossbody straps look great in both men and women.
  • It has different compartments to store multiple things.
  1. Briefcase bag

A briefcase bag is a well-protected bag which helps to store a laptop. It is extremely convenient to use during traveling because some of these bags have wheels too. Otherwise, you can also get a simpler one without wheels. These bags often have a lock system that enhances the security of the documents kept inside it.


  • Looks professional for both the genders.
  • The security of your files will be greatly enhanced.
  • Protects laptop from physical damage.
  • An easy way of storing while exploring.
  1. Sling bag

You can consider a sling bag another form of a backpack. The sling bags usually have one strap that goes from the chest region while the backpacks have two straps. That is the only remarkable difference. Other than this, most of the features are similar to a backpack.


  • These bags are quite fashionable.
  • You can go hands-free as only one of your hands is engaged.
  • It is cost-effective and has enough storage.

These were a few advantages of the top-selling laptop bags. We hope you will be able to select a perfect one for you. All the best and happy shopping guys!